Crown Electric Tattoo Co.
You are paying a NON-REFUNDABLE amount of $50 via paypal to book an appointment for a tattoo. Please do not click here until you have confirmed an appt date and time with us by phone or email.

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Please include a 'note' with your paypal deposit that includes your ARTISTS NAME and your appt DATE and TIME.

*do not forward your deposit until you have confirmed your date and time with us by phone or email*

Booking appointments online requires a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $50 per appt. This deposit amount goes towards your tattoo when you come in to get the tattoo. 

**Missed appointments will not be refunded. ** 

Your deposit lets your artist know that you are SERIOUS about booking a time for your tattoo and that you intend to keep your appointment. It also covers any preparation that may be needed in researching or drawing your tattoo designs. 

We LOVE custom tattoo ideas! If you have ideas that you need an artist to help turn into a tattoo for you that's no problem. 
Bring us any references you have and come in personally and speak to 1 of our 6 artists. We can always draw up custom tattoos if the idea you have is not something you can find and print. 

Custom tattoos require a drawing deposit of $50. 
This deposit will go TOWARD your final tattoo amount when you come in to get your tattoo.
 Please understand that we may not be able to give you an accurate price for what you want drawn up UNTIL WE ACTUALLY  DRAW IT. 
Once your artist has drawn your tattoo he will give you a price to count on.
 If your artist draws up your tattoo and you don't come in to get the tattoo, your artist will keep your deposit amount as a DRAWING FEE for him taking his time to design your tattoo. The artwork belongs to him until you come in for the tattoo. 

Our deposit policies are to ensure that your artist is not drawing and booking appointments for people who don't intend to follow through. Missed appointments mean lost income for our artists. 

If you aren't comfortable leaving your deposit to hold your spot, that's fine too. We do take walk-is. If you decide to come as a walk in, obviously there is no deposit required. You may however have to wait until we have an artist available if they are all tattooing when you show up. Wait times will vary. 

If you are unable to leave a deposit via paypal you are welcome to come in to the shop and set your appointment in person. IN PERSON appts still require a deposit but those deposits can be made with cash OR card. 
We look forward to booking with you :) 

Walk-ins are WELCOME! 
Please understand that if you come in as a WALK IN, and all of our artists are with clients, you may need to wait until an artist is available. Times will vary.