Crown Electric Tattoo Co.

Thank you for doing what you can to support your local tattoo and piercing studio here at CROWN ELECTRIC TATTOO. 

We're like so many other businesses in the valley that have been ordered to close, being called "non-essential". Our artists depend on their clients and appts to support their families. We're going to try something new until we're able to open our doors again. 

Some of our artists will be offering tattoos and piercing deals that they want to do for an extreme discount for anyone who CAN and is able to support them through this difficult time by PREBOOKING your appts. 

Leyla is offering THIS $10 deal for anyone who can support right now through PREBOOKING for their  piercings. 
For $10 you will get $20 towards your future piercing. 
If you book $10 now you'll bring your recpt 
when you come down to cash in on your pre-booking deals. (we will also have a copy of those recpts avail at the shop). ? That's how we'll be keeping track of WHO booked this deal.
 Once we're able to be back in the shop this deal will be taken down and will no longer be available so please DON'T MISS OUT! 

** PREBOOKING deals have no cash value and we do not give cash or credit for any unused amounts. Be prepared to use your amount when you come in for your piercing**
Obviously the piecing can't be done until we open again. 

Click this paypal ICON. It's preset for $10.00. If you have paypal already you can choose to pay by friends and family so we don't absorb the paypal fee. 
OR if you don't have paypal simply choose PAY BY CARD.