Crown Electric Tattoo Co.

Thank you for doing what you can to support your local tattoo shop here at CROWN ELECTRIC TATTOO. 

We're like so many other businesses in the valley that have been ordered to close, being called "non-essential". Our artists depend on their clients and appts to support their families. We're going to try something new until we're able to open our doors again. 

Some of our artists will be offering tattoos that they want to do for an extreme discount for anyone who CAN and is able to support them through this difficult time by PREBOOKING your appts. 

Lee Jack put together these Script Quotes. 
Any quote on this page will be $100. Sizes will be generous and similar to the sizes drawn here. * no neck, throat, stomach, or ribs* 

He will also be offering CUSTOM SCRIPT QUOTES for $120. 
that is through a DIFFERENT link here on this page. If you want lettering but not anything on this page he would love to offer you a PREBOOKING deal for it. CUSTOM SCRIPT QUOTES will be $120. Again, very generous in size. Text him BEFORE booking that deal and be sure your quote will be accepted. He's going to be very accommodating with the quotes he accepts so please just reach out if there is something you've been wanting as a lettering tattoo and see if that deal will work for you. 

If you have questions before pre-booking feel free to contact Lee Jack via his fb page or via text 702-557-2635.

Obviously the tattoo can't be done until we open again. All PREBOOKED appts are NOT REFUNDABLE. 

Click the icon below for easy booking. You DO NOT need paypal. Simply choose to pay by debit/credit
Custom art by Lee Jack